Leftover Ideas

Leftover Ideas for Christmas Cakes and Desserts 


Have leftover Christmas cakes and puddings? Well, we can help you with that!

Here are few yummy, tasty recipes for your leftovers


  1. Christmas pudding ice cream

Whizz the ice cream in a food processor until smooth, add the leftover Christmas pudding and scrape into a freezer-proof container. Freeze for at least 2 hrs then scoop into bowls and top with the toffee sauce or amaretto.

A Slice of Christmas
  1. Marzipan & mincemeat apples

For a lighter dessert option, serve baked apples with spoonfuls of mincemeat. Using only four ingredients, they’re so easy to make – and if you crave more indulgence, pour over lots of custard or fresh double cream.

  1. Fruit pops

Crumble up that fruitcake, mix with some frosting to bind it together, and turn it into chocolate-covered cake pops.


  1. Chocolate Fondue

Cut the fruitcake into cubes for a chocolate fondue dipper.


  1. Christmas Cake Brownies

Yes, you read it right, mix crumbles of Christmas cake into your brownie mix and bake them away.

  1. Christmas Chocolate truffles

Remove the icing from the Christmas cake and break the cake into crumbs add 4tbsp of brandy, close the bowl with a cling film and allow it to soak for an hour. Then melt dark chocolate and mix icing sugar and whisk to combine, now stir them into the cake crumbs. Now roll the mixture into tiny balls & refrigerate until firm!


To decorate it further, melt another 100g of chocolate and drizzle it over the truffle and add tiny pieces of nuts! #yummy


  1. Christmas Cassata

Slice the Christmas cake or the leftover pudding into thin slices! Line the pudding bowl with plastic wrap then line the slices of cakes or puddings. For the next step soften 500ml of vanilla ice cream and pour it into the bowl. If you like you can add chopped pecan nuts or walnuts into the mixture. Freeze the mixture and turn into a delicious Cassata for dessert.


  1. Christmas Cake toast

Cut up a big slab of Christmas cake, fry it and top it with oranges, cranberries, spiced cream, nuts and Chocolate Drops.

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