Buttercream Cakes

Thunders Bakery Buttercream Cakes are available in many flavours and sizes.  We offer small buttercreams on our shelves with a ‘Happy Birthday’ Message.   You can orders Our larger sizes 10″ Round and square from 12″ upward for delivery or collection.

Our Vanilla Buttercream cakes are a white sponge cake with layers of confectioners jam and vanilla buttercream.  We finish the vanilla buttercream with a top layer of fondant and cake crumb around the sides.

Our Chocolate Buttercream cakes are a chocolate sponge cake with layers of chocolate buttercream.  We finish the top of this cake with melting chocolate and the sides with chocolate vermicelli.

Our Red Velvet Buttercream is a red coloured chocolate sponge cake with cream cheese buttercream.   We also finish the top of our red velvet with cream cheese buttercream and red velvet cake crumb. You must store this cake in the fridge because it contains cream cheese.

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