Thunders Gluten Free Cakes

Gluten-Free @ Thunders

We’ve cracked it! If we do say so, ourselves 😎.  Our Gluten-free bakes, cakes, and bread are quality gluten-free products that coeliacs are not quite used to in Dublin.  We can say they are gluten-free because we have a separate gluten-free (only) bakery now where only gluten-free products are made.  We are also approved and listed on the food list with the coeliac society of Ireland.

Celebration Cakes

A firm favourite has emerged in the Strawberry Bliss cake.  It is a fresh cream cake of white sponge and strawberry filling.  This is followed in popularity by the Fudge Fudgery which is a rich chocolate sponge cake.

In April 2023 we are launching our gluten-free cupcalicious cupcakes, and an exciting range of glitz, communion, confirmation, and christening cakes. You’ll find them all here in the gluten-free category on the website.

We have plenty of stock of bread and bakes in all of our bakeries, so pop in to check them out.  To get your hands on Gluten Free @ Thunders personalised cakes, please order ahead.

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