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Thunders Bakery Unicorn Cakes Thunders Bakery

Thunders Bakery Unicorn cakes family is growing.  Our buttercream cakes have been transformed into a new ‘unicorn’ range.  We have taken our white or chocolate sponge, covered them in white buttercream and transformed them into beautiful unicorns hand piped rosettes and edible decorative accessories including the horn, ears and the eyes of the unicorn.

Storm – The Golden Unicorn Cake has a gold horn and gold tinted ears.

Sky – The pink Unicorn Cake has a pink horn and pink tinted ears

Rainbow – The rainbow Unicorn cake has a gold horn and gold tinted ears with a rainbow of colours to make up the rest of the unicorns features.

Prudence – The Cat unicorn has pink tinted ears and cat facial features.

Harry Potter – The Harry Potter Unicorn has a gold horn and gold tinted ears with harry potter features.  Also includes Harry Potter style glasses a wand and Quiddich ball.

You can order any of Thunders Bakery Unicorn Cakes with a few days notice.  Order online or over the counter counter.