Thunders Desserts

Thunders Desserts

What’s for afters?  You don’t need an occasion to have a sweet dessert to share with friends and family.  You’ll find a range of cheesecakes and tarts in Thunders Desserts category.  Available in two sizes, we can cater for small dinner Party’s of 6 people to a bigger gathering of 14 people.

They’re also handy to have in the fridge over the weekend, just in case a friend or neighbour pops in for the chats.

Thunders Pear & Almond Tart is a new addition to our dessert menu.  You’ll find  the classic combination of pear & almond baked together for the perfect dessert.  This tart starts with a short crust pastry base with a generous layer of apricot jam.    Pear slices are baked into the frangipane pastry cream and release their juices, resulting in a moist baked classic tart.  Served hot or cold with cream or ice cream, it’ll appeal to friends and family as a dessert or mid-morning weekend treat.

Give us 2 days notice, and they’re all yours.

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