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A Taste of " Gluten Free" (Nationwide)


Your Taste of Gluten free will include a variety of our gluten free products including…

  • Two Gluten Free Brown Soda Bread
  • One Gluten Free Flapjack (twinpack)
  • One Gluten Free Brownie (twinpack)
  • One Gluten Free Mixed Berry Muffin (twinpack)
  • One Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Muffin (twinpack) .
  • A Choice of a Gluten Free Loaf Cake. Please choose below..

As you have chosen Nationwide delivery your Taste of Gluten Free will leave the bakery on Wednesday Next !



GF Brown Soda 2
GF Cake Loaf of your choice1
GF Flapjack Twin Pack1
GF Mixed Berry Muffin Twin Pack 1
GF Chocolate Brownie Twin Pack 1
GF Chocolate Chip Muffin Twin Pack 1