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Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cake


Early Collection is not available on Gluten free products.    Please call your local shop if you have any concerns about collection.  

Thunders Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cakes are available in White sponge and chocolate sponge.  They are five layer cakes finished as seen here in the images in pink, blue or Lilac.  Entirely gluten-free, the hand made accessories and piped message are included in the price of your cake.


  • *Delivery / Collection Date

    Our Gluten-free celebration cakes are available for collection/delivery Tuesday - Saturday with 2 days' notice.   Collect from 12.30 pm from your preferred Thunders Bakery.  Delivery can be up to 2 pm on the day.

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Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cakes

Thunders Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cake is available in White sponge and chocolate sponge.  We fill the five cake layers with vanilla buttercream, with the addition of confectioners Jam in the white sponge cake.  Vanilla buttercream covers the cake with an accent of pink, blue or lilac to unveil your perfect communion creation.  We decorate the top of the cake with a beautiful handmade rose and metallic painted meringues.

We use edible gold shimmer balls to create the cross for the front of the cake. Not only that, but we will hand pipe your message onto the board of the cake in dark Belgian chocolate. The finished cake is the same for all flavours, as you can see in the product pictures.

Our standard Confirmation Dove cake is an 8″ Tall cake on a 10″ board, and it weighs approx. 2 kg.  In terms of portions, is serves up to 20–25 people.  Please keep your Thunders Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cake in its box in a cool room.  If it’s hot outside, please pop your cake into the fridge because the side may start to slip.  Click through for our full portion guide

How can I order my cake?

The traditional month for Confirmations is April, but that’s changing, and we see confirmations happening alongside communions this year. Our order book for this May 2023 is already starting to fill up.  We are taking orders for all our confirmation cakes from February 2023 and recommend that you place your order as early as possible.  You can order your cake for collection free of charge from any of our bakery’s or for delivery in Dublin only.

How Long will my cake last?

Thunders Gluten Free Confirmation Dove Cake is a buttercream cake and has a shelf life of up to three days.  You might like to collect your cake the day before your Confirmation to make sure you are fully prepared in advance.

How can I find out more about Thunders Gluten free products?

You will find our full menu of gluten-free options on our website, and we are listed in the Food List of the Coeliac society of Ireland. 


Additional information

Weight N/A


AllergenVanilla Cake Contains
Chocolate Cake ContainsUsed on site
Cereals containing glutenNNN
Fish NNN
Peanuts N
Milk YYY
Sesame seeds NNN
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites YYY

Portion Guide

10" Round
12" SquareTart8" Tall
Gluten Free
Strawberry Bliss
12-14 people20-30 people
Gluten Free Double Chocolate Decedance
12-14 PeopleN/A6-8 peopleN/A
Gluten Free Ready Zesty Go12-14 PeopleN/A6-8 peopleN/A
Gluten Free Fudge Fudgery Cake12-14 people20-30 people
Gluten Free Magical Black forest Cake 12-14 people20-30 people
Gluten Free GlitzN/AN/AN/A20-25 People
Gluten Free Communion Cross CakeN/AN/AN/A20-25 People
Gluten Free Confirmation Dove CakeN/AN/AN/A20-25 People
Gluten Free Pavlova12-14 peopleN/AN/AN/A
Gluten Free Pear & Almond TartN/AN/A6-8 peopleN/A
Gluten Free Bakewell TartN/AN/A6-8 peopleN/A
Gluten Free Apple CrumbleN/AN/A6-8 peopleN/A
Gluten Free Apple & Mixed Berry TartN/AN/A6-8 peopleN/A

Notice Period

CakeCategoryOvernight2 days notice Monday- Saturday 2 days notice Tuesday- Saturday 3 days notice Tuesday- Saturday
Thunders Communion Cross CakesCommunion & Confirmation CakesY
Thunders Communion Book CakeCommunion & Confirmation CakesY
Thunders Confirmation Dove Cake Communion & Confirmation CakesY
Thunders Confirmation Book Cake Communion & Confirmation CakesY


Storage GuidelinesBest Before
Strawberry BlissKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C+1 Day from Purchase
Blackforest GateauKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C+1 Day from Purchase
Chocolate Fudge Celebration CakeKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C+ 3 days from purchase
Ready Zesty Go! Cakes & TartsKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C+ 3 days of purchase
Double Chocolate Decadence Cakes & TartsKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C+ 3 days of purchase.
Tall Glitz / Communion / Confirmation
Keep in a cool room in its box. During warm weather, pop it into the fridge because it's a tall cake, the sides may slide if exposed to high temperatures.
+ 3 days of purchase.