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Thunders ‘Who’s Counting’ Fresh Cream Cakes


Thunders ‘Who’s Counting’ Fresh Cream Cakes


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Thunders ‘Who’s Counting’ Cakes 

Is it time to celebrate the magic number? Perfect for baby’s early years or perhaps celebrating your first year in business, Thunders ‘Who’s Counting’ Cakes come in different flavours and colours.  And if you’ve gone beyond 21, sure, Who’s counting anyway?  Choose from Red Velvet, Chocolate, Vanilla or lemon buttercream flavours.  You can also go for a super rich Thunders ‘Chocolotta’ Crunchy Biscuit Cake.  These cakes are finished in the colour of your choice with an accent colour for that extra ‘pop’.  

What size does it come in?

These cakes are available online to pre-order, and they vary in size, not by much, because the numbers are different shapes.  In general, we recommend that the buttercream flavours serve 15-20 people and the chocolate biscuit serves 30-40 people. 

How long will it last?

We make our buttercream cakes every day !  We’ll make your cake fresh on the day, and we recommend that you eat it the same day.  You’ll have up to 3 days to finish it off if it’s not all eaten on the day.  If you choose the chocolate biscuit cake, this will last up to three months in a sealed container.  We suggest that you remove the buttercream icing if you’re planning to store it for a while.  

How much notice do I need to give?

Personalised Buttercream cakes are available, in all sizes, to pre-order with 3 days notice.   If you need a cake today we have a selection of buttercream cakes available to take with you, for instance, Vanilla Buttercreams, Sprinkle buttercreams and red velvet cakes.   They all come with a standard ‘Happy Birthday’ message hand piped in chocolate. 

 Is there a Thunders Bakery near me?

Ah, come on…  We must be round the corner. We have multiple locations around Dublin, including Crumlin, Finglas, Clontarf, Drumcondra, Dundrum, Donaghmede,  Phibsboro, Prussia Street, Swords, Rathmines, Coolock, Santry and the Liffey Valley Café serving.


 The table below refers only to the allergens contained in each products as part of its ingredients. All Our bakery products are made on our premises where flour, nuts and other allergens are handled.

Contains / May Contain
Contains / May Contain
Red Velvet
Contains / May Contain
Chocolate Biscuit
Contains / May Contain
Contains / May Contain
Cereals containing glutenY (Wheat)Y (Wheat)Y (Wheat)Y (Wheat)Y (Wheat)
Peanuts NNNNN
Sesame seeds NNNNN
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites NNNNN

Portion Guide

Single NumberButtercream15-20 People
Chocolate Biscuit30-40 People

Notice Period

CakeCategoryOvernight2 days notice Monday- Saturday 2 days notice Tuesday- Saturday 3 days notice Tuesday- Saturday
Dream CakeNovelty CakesY
Pirate ShipNovelty CakesY
Princess DollNovelty CakesY
Frozen DollNovelty CakesY
Frozen MovieNovelty CakesY
Lightening McQueenNovelty CakesY
GuitarNovelty CakesY
DaisyNovelty CakesY
Numbers SingleNovelty CakesY
Numbers DoubleNovelty CakesY
Car CakeNovelty CakesY


Storage Guidelines
Fresh Cream CakesKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C
Buttercream CakesStore in the cake box, in a cool room.
During hot weather Keep Refrigerated Below 5°C
Drip Cakes Keep Refrigerated Below 5°C
Unicorn CakesKeep Refrigerated Below 5°C
Cova Paste Covered Chocolate BiscuitStore in the cake box, in a cool room. DO NOT REFRIGERATE
Cova Paste covered Rich fruit cakeStore in the cake box, in a cool room. DO NOT REFRIGERATE
Cova Paste Covered Madiera Cakes / Fudge Cakes Store in the cake box, in a cool room. DO NOT REFRIGERATE
Chocolate Covered Chocolate Biscuit CakeStore in the cake box, in a cool room. DO NOT REFRIGERATE

Best Before

Best Before
Fresh Cream Cakes+1 Day from Purchase
Buttercream Cakes+ 3-5 days from purchase
Drip Cakes + 3-5 days from purchase
Unicorn Cakes+ 3-5 days of purchase
Cova Paste Covered Chocolate Biscuit+ 3-5 days of purchase.
Cova Paste covered Rich fruit cake+ 3-5 days of purchase.
Cova Paste Covered Madiera Cakes / Fudge Cakes + 3-5 days of purchase
Chocolate Covered Chocolate Biscuit Cake+ 3-5 days of purchase.