Thunders Delivering safely during Covid-19

How is Thunders Bakery Delivering safely during Covid-19?

We have been delivering our cakes around Dublin since 2011.  We take all the necessary steps to keep your food safe from the bakery through to your front door.  A little has changed now that we are living through this period of Covid-19.  Here’s the journey of your cake…

  1. You order online for delivery to your address or an address of your choice.
  2. You receive a payment confirmation from your bank and an order confirmation from Thunders.
  3. We also receive your payment and order confirmation.
  4. We will schedule your cake / order for production and delivery on the date of your choice.
  5. The day before your delivery (if it’s a Friday / Saturday) you’ll receive a call / email from us confirming that we’ll be with you the next day.  We make this call on busy days to ensure that there will be someone at the address when we arrive. We also make this call if you are ordering a cake for someone else, again, to make sure someone will be home at the time of delivery.
  6. The day of your delivery your cake will arrive with Our driver who will
    1.  Bring your cake / order in one of our cake boxes and place it on a large bakery basket in front of your door.
    2. Place your copy of the delivery docket on the box for your records
    3. Ask you to check that you are happy with the cake
    4. Ask you for your name at the door and note this on our copy – we do not need your signature at this stage as it may impact our ability to observe social distancing
    5. Request you to take the cake and he’ll take the bakery baskets back to the van with him.
  7. On the day of delivery if you are not in and we have not made any other arrangements your cake will be left in the Closest Thunders bakery to your address.  Our products are perishable and cannot be safely left outside until your return without compromising food safety.

We hope you have found this information on Thunders Delivering safely during Covid-19.  Thank you for thinking of Thunders bakery for your special occasion