Titanium Dioxide (E171) Free

 Titanium Dioxide (E171) Free – E171 is no longer considered safe as a food additive.  It has been banned in All EU Countries and NI since 7th August 2022 based on the opinion of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in May 2021.  For details, see This article by the

What is E171?

Titanium dioxide (E171) is an additive that is used in food as a colour. The function of food colours is to make food more visually appealing, to give colour to food that would otherwise be colourless, or to restore the original appearance of food. Titanium dioxide is used to provide whiteness and opacity to foods.

How are Thunders Products affected?

Our edible images on picture cakes are printed on an edible icing sheet.  This sheet, prior to the ban of E171, was a bright white. Titanium Dioxide (E171) Free edible images are now a more translucent colour, which results in the finished image being a softer mix of colours. 

Our sprinkles, colours, and sprays, will all be a softer colour version of the images we have on the website. 

You will see this message on all cakes that are now E171 Free

Colours may be softer due to the removal of additive E171 from all products.  

How will Titanium Dioxide (E171) Free products affect me?

Not to worry, Your cakes will still look and taste fab! You can continue to order your favourites for delivery or collection from any Thunders Location