Join our Team

Are you looking to expand your career with scope to bring your creative skills to the table? To be part of a dynamic team that’s really making a difference in our communities? Where your contribution is a much valued by your team members as it is our customers? 

Do you want to be part of the team that makes the most indulgent handmade confectionery, rustic breads & bakes and signature occasion cakes from Dublin’s only 50-year-old plus destination bakery? 

Five decades on, we’re still freshly baking every day.  We really value being at the heart of our community of families, young professionals and retirees who continue to enjoy our traditional approach combined with the latest mouth-watering innovations.

You see, our purpose is to make special occasions even more memorable equally amongst our team and customers with our hand-made baking personalised to each person’s specific preferences.  As a team, we aim to enrich every life we touch by offering our team and community more than just icing on their cake. 

We truly believe in the values we share when you’re a member of our team or a customer because they underpin the way we do things — everything we think, do and say every day.

  • Staying true to our 50-year-old provenance and signature recipes matters, so we can excel in delivering that unmistakeable Thunders’ artisan bake consistently every day for our customers — and be the team that ensures Thunders is the leading bakery in Dublin
  • Sustainability is central to who we are, so everything we do is considered in terms of recyclable, compostable and consumables because this ensures we have a positive impact on the environment, each other and our customers’ lives
  • Inclusivity, equality and accessibility is central to our team and all we offer our customers because this ensures we bring an openness, generous perspective and innovative mindset to how we see and do things amongst ourselves, and for our communities. It also ensures we offer a generous range of products from the simply rustic to more luxurious for that special indulgence or significant celebration, including gluten-free and vegan options 
  • Being open to new ideas is central to what we think and do because it energises everyone and ensures we stay relevant, and continue to grow. It enables every team member to excel to their full potential whilst exciting our customers, so we’re always open and keen to listen. We value feedback because this enables us all to improve and ensure our reputation as the market leader in our field is well-deserved
  • Innovation and a positive can-do mindset excites us because this enables each of us to deliver new and exciting options, not only for our customers, but in developing our capabilities and career opportunities

In short, our promise is to ensure you have opportunities to contribute, grow and expand your career as part of our team whilst bringing unrivalled quality special occasion cakes and rustic bakes made from our time-honoured signature Thunders recipes to our customers, so they enrich their lives every day and make their celebrations extra special.