Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Thunders Bakery we have listened to your questions and gathered some useful information to help you choose your perfect cake.  Click on a question below to reveal the answer.

We deliver across Dublin in Our Chilled Vans.  We also have a nationwide delivery service for seasonal products in partnership with Parcel direct. 

Covid-19 update on delivery times….Our own Vans deliver up to 2pm Monday – Saturday.

We can deliver directly to a hotel/venue, but you will need to supply the following information to us:

  • Name and address of the hotel/venue
  • Name of the contact person who will sign for the cake
  • Confirmation that the hotel/venue will accept fresh cream cake if you have ordered one (not all hotels/venues do)
  • Confirmation that the venue can accept an early morning delivery (some bars/restaurants do not open until late in the day)

It depends on how many people you expect to eat it. Here’s a rough portion guide to help you plan.

Cake SizeSponge Cakes- Fresh cream / ButtercreamMadeira CakesChocolate BiscuitRich FruitCarrot Cake
7″ Square6 – 8 people N/A N/A N/A N/A
8″ Round8 people25 people40 people40 people25 people
10″ Round10 – 12 people35 – 40 people60 people60 people35 – 40 people
12″ Square20 – 30 people40 – 50 people100 people100 people40 – 50 people
14″ Square30 – 40 people50 – 60 people N/A N/A50 – 60 people
16″ Square45 – 60 people60 – 70 people N/A N/A60 – 70 people
18″ Square60 – 80 people70 – 80 people N/A N/A70 – 80 people
17″ Sq & 10″ Round Stacked80 – 100 people N/A N/A N/A N/A
18″ x 30″ Sheet Cake200 people N/A N/A N/A N/A

Check out our Dietary Requirements category for gluten free, vegan, flourless and many more options

We don’t have a diabetic cake as part of our menu but we do have diabetics as part of our team. They all agree that it’s so much better to have a smaller slice of the real thing than something that has been stripped of its natural ingredients and doesn’t taste as nice.

It depends on what you order.

  • Fresh cream: +1 day from purchase if you put it straight into the fridge
  • Buttercream: +2 days from purchase if you keep it in the box and don’t put it in the fridge (unless of course, it’s 30 degrees outside, then you need to treat it like fresh cream)
  • Chocolate biscuit: 3 months if you remove all decoration other than chocolate and wrap well in the fridge
  • Rich fruit: 6 months if you remove all decoration and wrap in a sheet of greaseproof paper, tin foil and place in an airtight tin/tub

We recommend our vanilla buttercream cakes for children’s novelty cakes where we use white sponge for the base and vanilla buttercream for the filling. If you like chocolate, we can offer a chocolate sponge cake with a vanilla buttercream filling so it’s not too rich for the kiddies.

Pictures can go on our all cakes. They do not like the cold so we recommend that if you wish to order a fresh cream cake with a picture that you cut the cake on the same day as collection.

The picture can be a photograph, drawing, corporate logo, team crest, anything you wish. You can send it to us via email as a JPEG image.

Ideal Cake size for an image is a minimum 10″

For best results choose an image with a white background.

The ideal message is no longer than 4 words.

Many of our cakes can be baked and finished overnight, however, there are some cakes for which we need 2 – 3 days’ notice  including our novelty cakes and bespoke cakes. Left it too late?  Cake emergency? …. Just give us a call 01-8300005 and we’ll do our best for you.

Yes! We have gift cards for sale in all of our bakery’s which are redeemable in-store only.  We also have an e-voucher with is redeemable online. Unfortunately our gift card and e-voucher are not interchangeable.