Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Thunders Bakery we have listened to your questions and gathered some useful information to help you choose your perfect cake.  Click on a question below to reveal the answer.


Custom cakes are a little tricky at the moment because we have limited capacity in the bakery. The best way to personalise your custom theme cake is with one of our Thunders Picture Perfect Cakes because you can upload the image you want on your cake for edible printing. We also have some great celebration cake creations such as Thunders ‘Bring on the Glitz’  or Showstopper Drip cakes. If you can’t find something on the menu that you like, please click the “Request a Quote” button here https://thundersbakery.ie/request-quote/ we’ll put our extra creative hats on and see what we can conjure up especially for you.

Not a bother, yes, we do deliver in Dublin only ourselves with a minimum of 1 days’ notice. Our   Bakalicious Drivers, like Brian and Stephen, deliver from 9am-2pm Monday-Saturday. Every Thunders cake is delivered by hand on the order date you request in a Thunders refrigerated van. The delivery fee varies from €10-€20 depending on your location, please click here for the list of areas we deliver to.


Go’wan outa dat, sure, while we don’t offer a same-day delivery service, all our branches have multiple freshly baked treats like our ‘Buns in the Oven’, ‘Ooey Gooey Fudge Cake’ and ‘Everyday Essentials’ on our shelves every day, so if you can arrange collection, we’ll have something for you fresh in store! You can even give us a tinkle and call ahead to check we have your favourites. Here are all our Thunders locations and contact numbers: https://thundersbakery.ie/locations/

Here are all our locations with opening times and contact numbers:


Oh sooo many goodies, Thunders Cupalicious Cupcakes are available by the dozen in vanilla or chocolate with edible toppers for €33: https://thundersbakery.ie/product/thunders-themed-cupcakes/  All Thunders Cupalicious Cupcakes are baked in batches and our ‘Thunders Picture Perfect’ edible prints are made on one edible sheet, so we can’t mix and match different designs at the same time.

As sure look of course we do. We’ve soooo many gluten-free goodies in our range now it’s hard to choose. They’re so good, you wouldn’t even know they were gluten-free, and they’re made in our separate special 100% gluten-free bakery. Thunders gluten-free celebrations cakes are available to pre-order online too, and all Thunders shops typically carry multiple choices like the sharing ‘Thunders Ready Zesty-Go Tart’, ‘Double Chocolate Decadence Tart’ and smaller items like Thunders Fit n’Feisty Flapjacks, Berry Bellicious Muffins . You can check out the full range here:https://thundersbakery.ie/product-category/gluten-free-thunders/ 

Comer’n I tellya, we’ve been creating our new plant-based options for a while. In fact, we’ve just launched our first Vegan celebration cake:https://thundersbakery.ie/product/thunders-pizazz-punch-cake/ We’re creating new rustic bakes and treats all the time, so we’d love your feedback. Better still, we’d love your suggestions, so wah da ya like?

Update July 2022.  Our notice periods are 2-3 days for most cakes.  We’re all getting away on our summer holidays so this may change.  Please dont delay and pre-order today. 

  Go way outta that, most Thunders cakes can be made with 2-3 days’ notice. If you’ve got a cake emergency, then our Thunders Swirly Strawberry Gateau or Thunders Whoop Whoop Vanilla buttercream or Thunders Par-tay Chocolate buttercream cakes are all perfect because they’re available overnight. Give us a call, and see what we can do to help, we’re sure to have something delicious for you just when you need it fast so you’re not up to 90!

Ah, we’re delira for ya, got a big day or night or out out? Course we can deliver directly to a hotel/venue of your choice in Dublin.


C’mere till I tell ye though, ye will need to supply us with the following info:

  1. Name and address of the hotel/venue
  2. Name of the contact person who will sign for the cake
  3. Confirmation that the hotel/venue will accept a Thunders Signature Special Occasion Cake if you have ordered one (not all hotels/venues do)
  4. Confirmation that the venue can accept an early morning delivery (some bars/restaurants do not open until late in the day)

Oooh decisions, decisions — one slice per person or da ya want seconds?

Here’s a portion guide for you

Well we don’t have a specific diabetic cake as part of our menu, but as we have diabetics on our team, we like to ensure they’re included too. They all agree that it’s sooo much better to have a little taster slice of the real mccoy than something that has been stripped of its natural deliciousness because nobody likes Mowldy.

Well how long is a piece of string? That depends on what you order, so to give you a bit of a guide:


Thunders Swirly Strawberry Gateau or Fluffy Fresh Fruit Gateau: +1 day from purchase if you put it straight into the fridge

Thunders Whoop Whoop Vanilla Buttercream: +2 days from purchase if you keep it unrefrigerated in the box. If it’s fryin 20ºC plus degrees outside, then you need to treat it like fresh cream and put it in the fridge.

Thunders Chocolotta Crunchy Biscuit: 3 months if you remove all decoration other than the chocolate and wrap well in the fridge.

Thunders Flippin Rich Fruit Cake: 6 months if you remove all decoration and wrap in a sheet of greaseproof paper, tin foil and place in an airtight tin or tub.

Sure there’s a grand stretch in every day, so each of our bakeries and cafés has their own opening hours. Visit our Locations page to find the opening hours for the bakery or café nearest to you.

Oooh Yes! Are ye for real? Course we have gift cards for sale in all of our bakery’s but they’re redeemable in-store only.  We also have an e-voucher which is redeemable online. C’mere till I tell ye though, it’s real important to note that our gift card and e-voucher are not interchangeable.


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