Fibre… It’s not pretty but it’s important!

What is Dietary Fibre?

Commonly known as ‘Roughage’ in the past dietary fibre is a carbohydrate that does not get digested by the enzymes in our small intestines. This means that its ‘sugar units’ do not get absorbed into the bloodstream hence we refer to fibre as ‘low-GI’.

Why do we need it?

Fibre provides fuel for the ‘good bacteria’ we all have in our large intestines. These good bacteria produce Vitamin B12 and release essential fatty acids for the overall health of our Colon. Fibre speeds up the movement of undigested foods through our intestines helping remove waste and toxins from our bodies Fibre help bulk up our stools and regulates our bowel action.

What are the benefits?

The increased movement on food through our bodies reduces the amount of toxins being reabsorbed and hence can reduce cancer risks. This reduction in toxins also means that we will excrete less though our skin improving the appearance of our skin. The slower absorption of sugars into the body helps regulate sugar levels, essential in management of diabetes, reducing those ‘sugar cravings’ and helping us feel fuller for longer leading to perhaps more healthy eating patterns and better weight management. This regulation of our blood sugar levels has the added benefits of reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Fibre can reduce the risk of developing haemorrhoids which are small polyps in our colons and reduce the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

Where can you find Fibre in Thunders? .

The Best thing to do is look out for our brown breads. Our range is:

Brown Soda Loaf

Brown Soda Farl

Farmhouse range

Brown Hovis

Hi Fibre Batch

Multi seed pans

Rice bread

We’ve also managed to sneak some of the healthy fibre into our sweet range as follows:

Breakfast bars both Apple and Berry Flavour and our Healthy Muffin.

How much should you eat?

The recommended daily allowance of fibre is 22g for women and 30g for men per day as per Food safety Authority of Ireland.

Can you eat too much?

Yes, too much fibre in the diet can lead to bloating, wind and constipation so be careful to stick to the recommended Daily allowance and drink plenty of water to help it move through the body.

We hope you found this article helpful. Have a good fibre filled Day!

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