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‘The Lottie’ Wedding Cake


  • Please include the happy couple's names &  Surnames

  • We work with our florist to best match your wedding's colour scheme to the floral element of your wedding cake.  The availability of certain colours of flowers will depend on the time of year, and we are confident if you pop in as much detail as you can we'll come up with the right colour for you. It could be as simple as 'Dark Pink flowers please' 

  • Your wedding cake topper will be a gold glitter card topper, it will be sent separately from the cake as we recommend that toppers are placed in the cake as close to the ceremony as possible.

  • There is a supplement for wedding cakes to our standard delivery rates of €30

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  • Please confirm that you are happy with your choice of wedding cake OR confirm if you wish to have your cake completely gluten-free, made in our gluten-free bakery. 



AllergenVanilla SpongeChocolate Sponge Red VelvetLemon CakeCarrot CakeChocolate Biscuit
Cereals containing glutenY(Wheat)Y(Wheat)Y(Wheat)Y(Wheat)Y(Wheat)Y(Wheat)
Peanuts NNNNY(Trace)N
Sesame seeds NNNNY(Trace)N
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites NYNNY(Trace)N

Portion Guide

This is a general guide, and the specific cutting instructions may vary depending on the design and structure of the cake. The portions given are based on finger sized portions. It's always a good idea to discuss your preferences with the venue staff to ensure that the cake is cut and served according to your wishes.
Standard All Sponge e.g Vanilla, Chocolate, Red VelvetTop Tier / cake change to Biscuit CakeTop Tier / cake change to Carrot CakeMiddle tier change to Carrot Cake ( Bottom tier can be either carrot or chocolate biscuit)
Middle tier change to Chocolate Biscuit (bottom tier must also be biscuit)Bottom Tier Change to Carrot Cake
Bottom Tier Change to chocolate biscuit
PortionsAdditional PortionsAdditional PortionsAdditional PortionsAdditional PortionsAdditional PortionsAdditional Portions
The Penny50N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
The Lucy
The Elsie40N/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
The Annie30N/A0N/AN/AN/AN/A
The Molly303010N/AN/AN/AN/A
The Lottie100
The Lottie ( 2 tier )705010N/AN/A3050
The Chrissie100
The Chrissie ( 2 tier )705010N/AN/A3050
The Kitty100
The Kitty (2 tier) 705010N/AN/A3050
The Sadie100
The Sadie ( 2 tier )705010N/AN/A3050

Notice Period

We need one week's notice for some wedding cakes and two weeks notice for others.  We highly recommend confirming your order as soon as you've made the decision because we can be busy during seasonal periods. This ensures that we can accommodate your request and reserve a spot for your special celebration, avoiding any potential restrictions on availability. Your timely confirmation allows us to dedicate the necessary time and attention to crafting your cake to perfection.
CakeCategory1 weeks Notice2 Weeks Notice
The PennyWedding CakesY
The LucyWedding CakesY
The ElsieWedding CakesY
The MollyWedding CakesY
The AnnieWedding CakesY
The LottieWedding CakesY
The ChrissieWedding CakesY
The KittyWedding CakesY
The SadieWedding CakesY


It's essential to store your wedding cake properly to maintain its freshness and integrity. Here are some guidelines for storing your wedding cake, whether at home or at your venue.
By following these storage guidelines, you can help ensure that your wedding cake stays fresh and delicious until it's time to enjoy it with your guests. Proper storage is key to preserving the quality and taste of the cake, especially if it contains perishable ingredients like fresh cream.
Keep the cake in its box to protect it from exposure to air and odors in the refrigerator.Instruct your venue staff to store the cake in its box in their cold room or refrigeration unit until it's time to display or serve it.
Place the boxed cake in the refrigerator, preferably on a shelf where it won't be disturbed.Provide clear instructions to the venue staff on handling the cake delicately and ensuring it remains refrigerated until needed.
Ensure that the cake is not placed near strong-smelling foods, as it can absorb odors easily.If the cake has fresh cream, emphasize the importance of storing it in the refrigerator until service to maintain its freshness.
If the cake has fresh cream, it must be stored in the refrigerator until it's ready to be served.

Best Before

It's important to enjoy your wedding cake while it's at its freshest and most delicious. Here are some recommendations for consuming leftover cake based on the type:

By following these recommendations, you can make the most of your wedding cake and ensure that every bite is enjoyed to the fullest. Proper storage and timely consumption help maintain the quality and taste of the cake, allowing you to savour the memories of your special day even after the festivities have ended.
Fresh Cream Cakes:Buttercream Cakes:Carrot Cakes:Chocolate Biscuit Cakes:
It's best to consume fresh cream cakes on the day of the wedding.Buttercream cakes can typically be enjoyed for up to 2 days after the wedding.Carrot cakes should be eaten within 2 days if they've been stored in the fridge.Chocolate biscuit cakes tend to have a longer shelf life compared to other varieties.
If you have any leftovers and you're not confident they've been refrigerated properly, it's safest to discard them to avoid the risk of spoilage or foodborne illness.Store any leftover buttercream cake in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.Like buttercream cakes, ensure that any leftover carrot cake is stored in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness.If you have any leftover chocolate biscuit cake, it can last a bit longer.
Consume within 2 days to ensure the best taste and quality.Consume within 2 days to ensure the best taste and quality.Enjoy within 2 days to savor the flavors at their best.Store in an airtight container at room temperature for optimal freshness.
Enjoy within a few days to ensure it remains moist and delicious.